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Mobile Testing

Do you own a mobile device?  I’m sure you do, actually I am sure you own more than one :-).  The same is true for your friends, your peers, your family and almost every other person we know.  

We rely on our mobile devices for texting, taking pictures, connecting to the Internet, and even for phone calls!   With this increase level of usage come a larger number of applications for our needs and with these applications an incredible number of releases, updates, quick-fixes, etc

Mobile testing requires a balanced mix of technical expertise in a number of fields (functionality, security, compliance, accessibility, and more), user perspective and user simulation techniques, and in some cases even regional and cultural understanding when we take into account that different geographical zones may use the same application differently or under very different conditions.

This is where Mobile Testing comes into play,  allowing the careful examination of mobile applications and security operation capability on different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, under multiple conditions, and at times even working with a number of different providers.

To perform mobile tests, we rely not only on specific areas of expertise but also on the use of state-of-the-art tools and platforms developed solely for this purpose.

Without a doubt, the field of Mobile Testing is one of the hottests ones today, with its importance and complexity only continues growing almost day after day.


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