When is a room not a room?

What is a room? How would you explain it to someone unfamiliar with the concept? How would you explain it to someone who does not know the meaning of a room?

Well, it usually has furniture, carpets, and decorations. They are in the room but are not the room.

Well, it has walls, floor, and ceiling. They draw the boundaries of the room but are not the room.

So what is a room?

The room is only space. We could even say that what is not there, the emptiness, is more important than what is there.

And it’s the same thing with even more abstract concepts like strategy or vision. We can always describe things that are in there and things that define the boundaries. But can we ever express what’s in the heart of that concept other than emptiness?

I admit that we got on the philosophical side of the discussion this time. And at the same time, it seems to me that this is what we forget at our strategy meetings, process workshops, and scrum retros.

There is nothing at the core of our concepts.

So it’s ok to relax now. Concepts are confusing no matter what.

The next time you need to describe or document something like this, just define it like you would define a room.

Source: ministry of testing
When is a room not a room?

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