Testing max field size using Bug Magnet – opinions needed


I am testing a web form in Chrome. One of the fields has a maximum size of 140 alphanumeric characters.

I used these methods to test max size:

A. manual writing in the field

– result ok, I can write only 140 char 

B. copy/paste >140 char of any text from other source 

– result ok, only 140 char pasted in the field

C. fill the field with large-size text from Bug Magnet

– result not ok: the field accepts all the data (eg. 32K) 

My concerns are:

1. Since Bug Magnet inserted access data in the field, there clearly is some kind of a fault in the field size control. But what kind of fault?

2. Production users will not use Bug Magnet to insert data. But is there a way that an average user unintentionally bypasses the size limit? 

3. This is the first time I see that Bug Magnet behaves different than common paste. Where’s the catch? Did anyone experience this? 

And finally, is there a bug at all? I cannot raise an issue which occurs only when using the Bug Magnet 🙂 

Source: ministry of testing

Testing max field size using Bug Magnet – opinions needed

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