SauceCon 2020 Conference Talk Replays Available

TLDR; All SauceCon 2020 talk replays are online. My Talk “Automating Tactically vs Strategically” has a preview and has been added to Evil Tester Talks.

SauceCon 2020

SauceCon 2020 moved online this year, so all the talks are available as on-demand replays.

I took my advice from my blog post Tips for online presenting when preparing for this talk, and that worked out well for me.

  • I kept it simple

No animation, simple slides.

This was useful because we changed delivery platforms a few times during the preparation so I didn’t build anything platform specific.

In fact, a few days before I presented. DeckSet added a new feature to allow sharing a ‘window’ in presentation mode, specifically to support online conferencing. And this made presenting much easier as I was able to share the slides from a window on screen and have all my other windows open at the same time.

  • Best Audio You Can Get

I used my newest microphone, a Rode Procaster, and the sound was much better than my headset mic.

As a safety net, I also had my ipod, attached to a Joby Gorilla Stand, balanced on my monitor, to record the ‘web cam’ view, separate from the stream, with an iRig Lavalier mic. As Backup.

And I merged this ipod video with my separate livestream recording to create a ‘live’ recording with a larger speaker view.

Automating Tactically vs Strategically

I was talking about a ‘distinction’ that I use to help me evaluate my processes.

Is it ‘tactical’? In which case I have more flexibility in how I pursue it, with fewer expectations of long term maintenance.

Or is it ‘strategic’? In which case there are more expectations about standards and approach, and more expectations around making time to ‘do it’.

I discuss this distinction in the talk in relation to Automating, and in terms of process and context like Agile.

You can find the slides below and I released a bunch of posts on the topic on Patreon prior to the talk.


You can get a feel for the content, and can see what the ipod merged recording looks like, in the edited preview of my talk:

This is the edited version of the ‘live’ video that I have added to the Evil Tester Talks bundle.

You can watch the unedited, live-streamed version of my talk, along with all the other speakers, on the SauceCon 2020 page

If you experience any issues with the replay on Saucecon then this troubleshooting guide from Saucelabs might help

And you can find the edited (to remove pre-amble, enhanced audio, and add better web cam view) in Evil Tester Talks.

I had to edit my material down for the talk so I created an extra hour of video which I added to the content in Evil Tester Talks

  • Extra 001 – Agile is Not Always Strategic
  • Extra 002 – Sub-optimisation
  • Extra 003 – Impact On Work
  • Extra 004 – Problem Solving
  • Extra 005 – Automating
  • Extra 006 – Goal Based Planning
  • Extra 007 – Tactical vs Strategic
  • Extra 008 – Tactical to Strategic


I have not watched all the talks from the conference yet. You can find talks from:

  • Richard Bradshaw,
  • Angie Jones,
  • Paul Grizzaffi,
  • Titus Fortner,
  • Nikolay Advolodkin,
  • and a whole host of other people.

Check out the full list of speakers, and watch the replay of the talks when you register on the SauceCon 2020 page.

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SauceCon 2020 Conference Talk Replays Available

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