Recomended Testing Conferences you can’t afford to miss

Are you part of the 38%?

Last month, the 2017 state of testing report was released showing, among many other interesting facts, that 38% of the respondents attended a testing conference in the past year.  This is the 4th year we have been running this survey and it keeps growing year after year, allowing us to show an increasingly accurate picture of the worldwide testing community. (If by any reason you haven’t heard about it- now’s your chance to catch up).

Testing Conferences – The advantages

Attending a conference has some great advantages:  it keeps you up-to-date about the latest technologies and methodologies, as well as strengthening your relationship with the fellow members of the testing community worldwide.

In order to make your life easier- we have created a calendar,  showing all testing related events. Feel free to take it and embed it anywhere you wish.

Here is a list of my recommended events to attend in this upcoming conferences season:

  1. STAREAST – Orlando, Florida. This is one of the most important testing events worldwide which will be held on May 7-12.  PractiTest’s Joel Montvelisky will be one of the speakers and if you are there be sure to come and say “Hi” at our Booth #48.  You are welcome to use our code and get a $200 discount.

stareast invite

  1.  TestBash- Belfast. After successful past events at Brighton, Manchester, Philadelphia and the Netherlands this event is now on it’s way to Belfast, and we are one of the supporters. TestBash Belfast
  2. Agile Testing Days –  Other than being a great professional conference, speaker’s lineup for this event, which shows how our world should look like- with a strong female presence 🙂 Agile testing days logo

What if you can’t attend conferences?

As much as we would like to attend a conference physically, it is not always an option due to lack of time, travel expenses and the fact that you need to have your boss’ permission to be away from work.

For this reason, and as we see a great importance in conferences we have created the OnlineTestConf, which is 100% online free testing conference that you can attend from anywhere, even while wearing your pajamas. We made sure you get some of the conference experience with a supporting designated Slack channel, allowing attendees to interact, comment about the sessions and ask questions.

Spring OnlineTestConf will be held on June 13-14 and registration is now open!   Save your spot

Online testing conference, save your seat.

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Recomended Testing Conferences you can’t afford to miss

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