My Initial Days at New Zealand

This is part of my blog series – My Journey at Industry Connect. I am trying to write about the path in which I secured my first IT job in New Zealand.

I am trying to recollect all the hard times that I had when I initially moved to New Zealand.

Moving to New Zealand

As every aspirant I moved to New Zealand with mind and heart full of ambitions to land up in a country of richness and abundance. I was not wrong, this is a very beautiful country rich with it’s land, mountains, lakes and oceans. And if you have a job then the beauty will be more as you can travel and eat.
As a student I moved to Invercargill in the belief that there will be some jobs for students as that’s a very small town with less people (around 50000). But my assumptions are wrong, no worries I take a lot of bad moves year to year. Only thing that makes me survived in Invercargill was the scholarship that I got from my collage with 4 months of free stay. I had stayed in Invercargill for 4 months then I moved to Tauranga where I was doing the Kiwi Farming.

My first job in New Zealand was a farmer. Do you know how it feels like when you work in farm. Moving from India initially it was hard for me. But the beauty is that every job here has it’s own dignity. Whether you are a Doctor / Nurse / Farmer you are all treated equally in this country.

Farming gives me enough money to live on New Zealand. But at those times students was only getting 1 year post study work visa which makes it harder for people. For the sake you can say that there were less competition too, but truth be told there was competition since the humans are born.

Best Friend

I had a best friend who helped me to solve all the problems in life and I wish you should also have one. She actually give me the idea to move to a developed country.  She helped me with the Visa processing and she also helped me to get the admission into my collage. And nevertheless she helped me to find Industry Connect which is the best things she did for me. I don’t usually share here details publicly. And during my lectures at Industry Connect  I always talked about this friend. I don’t wanna keep her as my only secret. Her name is Google!. Folks she has all the answers for your question, but you need to ask her in a particular way.

I can help / assist / give some discounts if you plan to join Industry Connect the place from which I got the job. My Whatsaspp – +64223238055.

Source: ministry of testing
My Initial Days at New Zealand

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