Goldilocks Bug Reporting

Testers and Business Analysts are good story tellers that listen to the pains from a User, Stakeholder or Product Owner to retell it to a particular audience.

Once upon a time, there was this curious [fill in the space with Tester or Business Analysts] who heard about this house that had a few issues with breakfast. So Goldilocks [called that cause everything the tester or BA found was gold] decided to go investigating to verify if what they had heard = ‘true’.

Entering the house Goldilocks found bowls of porridge and started to reproduce the issue with breakfast:

  • hold the bowl in your left hand
  • put the spoon in your right hand
  • put spoon into porridge
  • move spoon into your mouth

What happened

  • porridge was too hot
  • she received third degree burns to her tongue

What she expected to happen

  • porridge would be no more than 40 Celsius
  • she would not be harmed from eating this porridge

Attached screenshot of the issue

Image result for goldilocks eating hot porridge

By retelling a story successfully we achieve the following:

  • developer & tester are happy as they know what they need to deliver
  • stakeholders are happy an issue that was a priority got fixed
  • business analyst happy cause they added value once again to the company

And they all lived ‘Happily Ever After’……….

Source: ministry of testing
Goldilocks Bug Reporting

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