Why you should NOT be a tester!

If you are not passionate about testing let me give you a word of advice, you better not be a tester.  There are plenty of other things you can be doing for a living, go and choose another one.

why you shouldn't be a tester Testing is really a grueling job, not because it requires tons of physical work but because it usually involves a lot of mental stress and many times large amounts of disappointment.

In most occasions testers need to work under very tight time pressures – after all you are the person standing between the the product and its release to the field.

When we are doing our job, most people feel that we are in some personal vendetta to look for their flaws and shout them at the wind.

People in management are not really aware of what we do or why do we need to do it… After all, a programmer should know how to do his work and he should not need a tester just to make sure he did it right.

When the development team is working right we will only find minor issues that don’t merit delaying a release.  When the development team is not working right we are the bearer of really bad news (and no one remembers about the small issue that the messenger is not responsible for the news she bears).  And when the programmers are not working right and we make a professional mistake, then we are blamed for not doing our jobs and letting the big and ugly bugs go out…!

So in short, if you are not passionate about testing, you better stay as far away as you can from this job!

On the other hand…

are you a tester?– If you are genuinely intrigued by finding the hidden flaws in the system.

– If you understand that your job is not to find bugs, but to point to Quality Issues on the highest level in order to help steer the ship on the right direction.

– If you are able to communicate with people, even with programmers, in ways that lets them understand you are here to help them, to be a part of the team and to advance the project.

– If you enjoy technology but also like seeing the big picture and looking at the world from the eyes of your users.

– If you are looking forward to getting to the office so that you can take on the next testing challenge and have real fun while doing it!

Then don’t think twice about it, for people like you (and like many more of us) testing is not only a good job, but a passion we truly enjoy!!!

So, are you a true tester?

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Why you should NOT be a tester!

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