We are a proud sponsor of the first OnlineTestconf:

Taking place for the first time ever, the onlinetestconf is an international testing event that allow testers from anywhere in the world to attend a conference without the need to pay high travel expanses and miss many days of work. This event is free of charge but requires upfront registration.

Among the presenters are: Rob Lambert, DerkJan de Grood, Adam Knight, Aleksandra Petrovic, Joel Motveliksy, Kevin Wilkes & Richard Morgan, Oren Rubin, Mike Sparks, Aaron Evans and Lalitkumar Bhamare.


The conference included many interesting and valuable topics such as:


-10 Behaviors of Effective Employees

-Testing, It’s Fundamental and It’s Changing

-The Risk Questionnaire

– Testing Metrics and why Managers like them

-Working smart and increasing the value provided by your testing team

-Test beyond the obvious- Root Cause Analysis


Over 2,000 registered to this from around the world and the feedback was amazing so now we working on the summary of the great sessions and we’ll publish them soon. Can’t wait!!!

GET IN HERE for the on line conformance summaries.


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