Microservices Testing introduction

Back in the days, when you wanted to develop a software, it needed to support one OS and one platform to the max and you were good to go. These days are long gone.

What is Microservices Testing

Advancement in technology, Globalization, the plethora of mobile devices, diverse functionality,  all are increasing the need to support variety of platforms, OS, languages.  With Development projects becoming more and more complex, many organizations are shifting towards Microservices developments, which allows for better work distribution, faster and simpler deployments and rollbacks as well as high availability of their services, This require a new world of Microservices Testing.

One such example  is Netflix, who used to work in the past in the old data center model and now operated more than 500 Microservices.

Microservices Testing is soon to follow. Today, more than even before , organization are understanding the need of performing testing as part of the SDLC and mixed teams of software developers and QA professional are frequently seen.

We have created a list of the need to have in a Testing tools when working in a Microservices Testing method:

  1. Integration– Micro service is all about developing different services and connecting them together into one, larger than it’s parts service. hence. the first and most important thing to have in a tool is a list of very good ‘natural’ integration with the tools you are working with and the ability to integrate other tools easily.
  2. Customization– every organization is unique and has its own development and testing needs and as such there is no solution out there than can perfectly fit everyone. However, some solution allow for easy customization and provide a better fit.
  3. Visibility– the advantages in using micro service as a development and testing methods are clear, however, they are not coming risk free. collaboration can cause integration and control issues and if not carefully manage, can be harming to your software and company success. Hence, it is critical to have a tool that allows you visibility and control over your testing.



Microservices Testing are part of various Testing Methods among them you can find regression Testing and User Acceptance testing.

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