Agile Test Management

Agile Test Management – Understand it!

Agile seems like it has become one of these Buzzwords that everyone is saying they are using but few actually know for sure what exactly does it mean.  With its origins in the Agile Menifes to this set of techniques has shifted the way software is being developed from long waterfall processes, where development was first completed and then shifted over to testing teams, resulting in a long cycles to an on-going process of developing and testing repeatedly, shortening process significantly.

In an ever changing fast pace web and app world the Agile Test Management approach is better fit in many cases. However, it is important to remember that there is still room for other approaches, for different development processes. 

When trying to decide which tools are best to use when working in an agile approach, various types exist.  In this article we will review agile project management and agile test management tools.

Agile Test Management:  

  1. PractiTest -This tool offers end-to end test management with various integrations. prices are based on per user model and range between 35$-45$ users/mo.
  2. Hiptest-  With a free version for open source projects and a per user price that ranges  between 10$-7$ user/month, this tools aims at helping users deliver better software continuously.    
  3. TestTrack– This tool by Seapine, which offer various other testing tools aims at improving testing visibility for better decision making. prices start at 20$/mo for issue tracking moudle only and go as high as 100$/mo for the complete ALM module.

Agile Project Management:

1.Pivotal Tracker: Tracker is a free agile project management tool that enables real time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog. This product offers a 30 days free trial. Prices for commercial use range from $15-$300 for up to 50 collaborators and can be billed on a monthly/yearly basis.

2.Version One: This product targets enterprise users, aiming at helping them scale using agile methodologies faster. A free version is available and pricing range from 175$ for 20 users to 29$ of 39$ per user per month. 


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