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Test Management tool – Testpad is an online tool for test planning with a checklist-style approach that makes it really fast to write and run tests.

The checklist styled testing is a very natural and easy way to organize tests. Tests are one-line prompts of what to check, organized in an outline editor. It’s easy to write, re-write, chop and change; good for keeping up with agile product development.

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You can use a Blanc project and copy & paste text from other applications. After adding as many tests as you want and tide it up at your convenience you can carry on for the test.  With intuitive keyboard control means you spend less time reaching for the mouse and more time improving coverage. Write hundreds of tests in minutes.

Testpad gives you the option to assign tags to groups of tests and selectively include or exclude them from test runs.

When you ready to test you can prepper test runs with custom data.

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Test Management Tool – testpad helps you with a unic way of check-list style for easier use. When you run the test you can step in to the check list and see how everything is doing, Passing when there aren’t any problems and commenting when there are.

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TestPad can be watched also over your mobile devices, with a bar code shortcut. You don’t need to download anything since it’s all come from the browser.

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After each test you can group tests in to projects, build templates and share live progress reports with your coleeges. You can track the latest progress with live links to interactive reports, Print a snapshot and leave it on your boss’s desk or email to clients.

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Test Management tool – Testpad has a secure hosting on the Amazon Web and a secure data and communication.

Testpad’s databases are replicated three-ways with backups made every hour.

All browser communication with Testpad, including asynchronous javascript calls, is over SSL-encrypted HTTPS connections.


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