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Test management tool – Tarantula is a good tool for managing software testing in agile software projects And it is an open source test management tool.

It offers you a free system, licensed as open source software and aims to be the best open source test management tool, in various subjects:

  •         Agile Testing
  •         Testing management
  •         Reporting
  •         Usability

As you Log in to Tarantula System you’ll be able to add cases for new features, Tarantula opens up to dashboard view displaying interesting statistics about current project.

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Test Management tool – Tarantula gives you, than, the option to define Test Object. It identifies actual “software/version/release” they are testing. Also you can create Test Execution. Execution is a collection of test cases run for selected test object. So for each test object there may be several different executions. E.g. Smoke Test, Integration Test, Performance Tests etc.

test management tool tarantula 2

In the touch of a button you start the test according to your definition. Test Management tool – Tarantula system gives you general case information, Steps and actions entering defect and comment, And at the end you’ll get a toolbar for entering step result.

test management tool tarantula 3

After the test, Tarantula provides a comfortable to read reports and dashboards. This reports and dashboard are easy to share with your coworkers and managers.

Dashboard offers quick status view to your report. It is based on Test Object, meaning that you can select particular “release/version” to be viewed.

Project Status is often useful for periodic reporting to top managers, you can easily share report to your boss with email, or deliver printed report to him.

Tarantula also gives you the option to see case execution List that often use in a report with detailed information about executed cases. You can export any data you get to excel and share it with others.

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