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This is our first video about Risk Based Test Management:

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A summary of this tutorial:

Risk based test management

Before we even start talking about risks let’s talk about testing,

Most times, we cannot test everything we’d like, due to time limit, budget constraints and other limitations.

SO, How do we choose what to test and more importantly what not to test???

This is where Risk based test management should happened!

What is Risk based testing?

Risk based testing is when you test the areas that have a higher risk of having issues or bugs.  Or, you can also look at it as – Don’t test places where there are surely no bugs OR where bugs would be unimportant.

These are the typical risk areas you want to cover:

  • Places where we made changes since the last release.
  • Places where we usually find bugs.
  • And places where if we find bugs, we would be in big trouble. For example – The checkout page in an online store.

So what’s the plan???

  1. Start by testing all the high risk areas. As mentioned before.
  2. Then, do a sanity test on all the rest of the system.
  3. If you have time and money left at this point – Test all the rest of the system more thoroughly.

Good luck!!!

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