Video tutorials – Exploratory Testing done right!

Software testing Tools team made another short video tutorial for you to enjoy & learn!

This time we talk all about Exploratory Testing and how it should be done- the right way!!!

Watch it and let us know what your thoughts are…

Exploratory Testing done right:

A summary of this tutorial:

We all do Exploratory testing – Some of us do it right and others don’t.

Unorganized and Ad-Hoc testing is NOT an example of good Exploratory testing.

Running a good Exploratory Test is not rocket science, but you need to follow a certain process and principles.

Start by defining the Charter of your test.

It should include the objectives of your test and any other information that will be useful while running it.

If you have multiple charters, you may want to designate an independent Exploratory Testing session for each of them.

Now you can start running your Exploratory Test based on the charter.

Remember to be concentrated and focused as you need to learn the system, Plan and Run your tests, and also report on your findings, all at the same time.

It is required to keep notes of your test using an Exploratory Testing log that will allow you to review your steps later on, alone or with someone else.

Your notes should include points such as:

  • Notes – For example: Tested with large attachments
  • Bugs – For example: Long password crashes system
  • Questions – For example: Ask if we work with Chinese
  • Test – For example: Remember to check different attachment types

REMEMBER – Exploratory Testing requires skills and practice so have patience and make sure to consult with colleagues to get feedback.

With practice and patience you’ll be number one!

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