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software testing video tutorials

We work hard to bring you the best information in the world about software testing in any way we can.

Now you can get even more from out short software testing tutorials.

We wrote about a good bug reporting and present to you 6 summarized principles to apply in a short white board video. Why is this important you ask?

Well, as we explain in this video, a bug report is every tester business card, it’s your good name.

A good bug report submit by you is YOU! If you want to create yourself a good reputation of a tester that knows his work and is easy to work with than you need to watch that video!

Another video we created talks about risk based test management.

Risk management is an essential in every business world, but like in every thing, the territory of software testing has a slight different principles.

As we explain in the video, Risk based test management will help you save money and time and will make your managers and developers much more happy!!

So you can understand now why we started with this two tutorials…

In our next video tutorial we talk about another basic thing that is important for every tester to learn: How to approach your next testing project.

In this video tutorial we try to give you 6 logical steps to apply on your next testing project to make it easier for you and help make you more professional when writing test scripts.

Our latest video tutorial is all about Exploratory testing done right!

As we’re saying on the short video tutorial, Exploratory testing requires skills and practice. We will try and help you with getting there with few steps and rules to follow.

We hope you’ll find these short videos easy to understand, interesting and informative.

If you have any comments we would love to hear about them and we promise we will try to respond as fast as we can!

Thank you and ENJOY!

Software Testing Tutorials –

Video 1: 6 principles of good bug reporting

Video 2: Risk based test management

Video 3 : How to approach your next testing project

Video 4: Exploratory Testing done right!

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