Software Testing Courses

So you resided to go for it and dive in to the Software Testing world!

First we suggest you read this two articles and understand that this is the right profession for you:

  1. Read about this world in general and about Testing Methodologies. This might give you an idea about what you’re gonna need to know and study to get better at your job in the future. and also, not less important, you can start understand if this is the right profession for you. We happen to have exactly this kind of article for you to read: Software Testing Methodologies.
  2. Now that you have a general idea about the subjects your going to have to deal with you can read about why you should NOT be a tester. As you’ll see in this great article, being a tester can be hard work and not very interesting work at times. So we can help you get to the right decision about how your future will look if you take the right choices now.

Once you have read these two important articles you can go ahead and choose the right course for you.

But wait, Have you been thinking about how you’d like to do it? maybe you don’t want to spend to much money on these, maybe non at all?

Do you prefer to study from your computer at home? Or just take a course as supplement to what you already know?

Do you prefer to pay for a complete and comprehensive course in a known academy?

These are all good and valid options for you!

software testing coursesSo we gathered for you a few list of software testing courses that can help you get the right choice for your needs:


We are working on expanding this lists so you probably should stay tuned.

Any way you can always subscribe to our newsletter to get the information straight to your email, And you can also visit our video tutorials – Software Testing Tutorials.

Good Luck and hopefully we helped making your decision more easily with this software testing courses lists.

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