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SauceLabs is a test platform for all types of automation testing. Here we are focusing on a subset of their features that serve Mobile testing.

SauceLabs offers a nice and easy to use Mobile Testing product based on Appium.

They actually use the Appium tool to host the test. This way they provide the same benefits of freedom programming language and dual platform support – iOS & Android – and with it removing the need for actual hardware.


Mobile Testing Tool-SauceLabs simulators and real devices is easy. All you need is to take 3 steps-

First upload the app you want to test to the storage that Sauce Labs offers or a different location that Sauce Labs can access. If you have a firewall or something like that you’ll have to set up a secure tunnel for Sauce Labs to use.

Then you’ll need to update your test script with Sauce Labs credentials and provide the path to the app you want to test.

Once you did that, set the desired capabilities of your test that you want the system to analyze for you. You can use a ready made platform to set up the desired capabilities of your test. Enter the topics and describe the various options for the test.

How it works?

Using its new approach Sauce Labs can use its cloud to run tests on real devices and then send the testing team or the developer a report that include multiple screenshots of app displays and error messages.


In  Mobile Testing Tool-SauceLabs you use real mobile devices and enterprise user’s benefits beyond speed and cost reductions. It helps the tester to make the move to automated testing.

Sauce Labs’ testing approach is different from other mobile functional testing services since it uses several different devices but fewer device types. Their mobile strategy is to focus on the depth of testing using real devices.

The availability of a large number of real devices for cloud testing prevents long wait times that customers experience when using other offerings.


At the end you can get several different kind of documentation that can be easily display to your team, your managers or your client.



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