Load Testing Tools – How and What to use?

Load Testing Tools

Wikipedia is defining Load Testing as the process of putting demand on a software system or computing device and measuring its response. Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions, That is why you should know Load Testing Tools.  

To put it in simple words, Load Testing Tools are about having many many people using your software at the same time, and not having any problem. From business point of view, this is a dream comes true.

The rationale behind this test type is to eliminate the risk of the your system or app crashing on an extreme usage situation and have your users trying to access your service and ending up angry and disappointed.

Load Testing Tools are important set of tools that are part of Software Testing Tools in the testing world

So what is that you need to have when looking for a Load Testing Tool?

  • Deployment method: Can tests be performed on various deployments options to fit your current and future needs? On-prem/Cloud/Virtual Machine?
  • Does it also fits mobile testing?
  • Global distribution: Does the solution has servers around the globe?
  • Ease of use and technical capabilities- these 2 important elements have, in many cases, trade off.  Based on your App complexity and team skills decide what is the right balance point for your team and choose a tool accordingly.

Recommended Tools:

  • HP load runnerThis HP product is Free for unlimited time – Available with 50 virtual users (VUsers). prices then range from $0.56 per virtual user day.
  • CloudTest by Soasta allows for load testing from various location and multiple cloud providers.  Lite version exist free of charge for up to 100 concurrent users. On-demand version starts at $2500.
  • JMeter– This open source tool works mostly on JAVA. Originally was designed for web application but now has the ability to test other functions as well. 
  • LoadComplete– This product from Smartbear has a free community edition for up to 50 virtual users. scaling up, prices are based on perpetual licensing from €4,219.
  • Neoloads– This product by Neotys has a free version for up to 50 virtual users and an option for licence sharing.

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