Automation Testing Best Practices

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is vital to the success of an app or other software on the market, as only a well-functioning program will be accepted and used by a large audience.

Software Testing can take hours and large teams of personnel to complete, and in the end bugs may still be found due to simple human error.

Fortunately, Software Testing has advanced over the past decade to make the process simpler than ever, as the development of Automation Testing has made traditional software testing a practice of the past.

Automation Testing best practices uses advanced software tools to run detailed tests without the aid of a team of developers, making it faster and more reliable than traditional testing.

Automation Testing Best Practices –

While Automation testing is far more convenient that traditional software testing, there are still a number of good practices that can make it even better:

Outline Which Cases to Automate

Test Automation is not used for every aspect of every program, and it’s up to developers to define which aspects of the application are to be testing by the automation software.

Typically, Automation Testing best practices are reserved for tests that are more highly prone to human error. Tests which are nearly impossible (or impossible) to do manually. Tests that require a large amount of data, and tests which take significant periods of time to complete using traditional Testing Methods.

Narrow done the program to decide which tests should be automated, and which tests are best left to manual testing.

Choose the Right Automation Testing Tools for the Job

Automated testing software are far from “one size, fits all,” and certain programs perform some functions far better than others.

Gather data about which tests will need to be done, and do research on the programs that may best the project’s needs. The Automation Testing Tools should have support for the platforms being used, and should be relatively easy to operate by any testers on the team.

Choosing the right Automated testing tool can take time, and it’s important to ask questions and do research before settling on a final result.

Divide and Conquer

Working on an application typically takes a large team of people, and the most efficient way to complete the project is to have certain individuals working on their own parts of the project, so that each part can be put together in the end to create a final result.

This concept applies to Test Application as well, and having an automated testing software that is easy to use by team members of all skill levels makes it simple for each member of the team to take on a job and finish it for the rest of the team.

Have certain individuals take charge of one aspect of the Automation testing, and have others cover a different aspect. By utilizing these practices, the testing can be finished more efficiently, and there will be more opportunities for collaboration for the final product.

Automation testing practices has proved to be a significant convenience to programmers of all skill levels. It’s important that development teams fully understand the potential automated testing software holds for them so that they can use test automation best practices and implement the resource into their software testing practices.


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