QTP software testing tool -Quick Test Professional- Advantages and Disadvantages

QTP Software Testing Tool – What is it???

QTP software testing tool, or quick test professional, is an automation software testing tool originally designed by Mercury Interactive and now owned by the HP (Hewlett Packard). It has gone through a few names since its creation. Astra Quick Test was its original name before becoming QTP, and now the latest name is UFT (Unified Functional Tester).

While the names may change over time, the general purpose of this great tool stays the same. This functional testing tool helps testers perform automated tests once script development is finished.

This type of testing does not require monitoring which makes it a seamless process. If there are any errors, defects, or gaps in the application they will be found during this test; the actual results are compared to the expected results in an execution report.

QTP is considered one of the finer tools when it comes to software testing as it relies on automation to perform regression test and functional tests of an application. Since it belongs in Automation testing, this is one of the more simpler tools to use; any tester (technical or non-technical) can learn how to use QTP.

VBScript is used to automate the applications, so the scripting engine does not need to be installed as it is already integrated into the Windows operating system.

qtp software testing tool - advantage&disadvatage

Advantages of QTP

  • VBScript is an easy programming language fit for an experienced coder or a not so experienced coder; any coder can quickly pick up the language and learn it.
  • QTP software testing tool supports record and playback which is used to determine if QTP can support the application being tested. Record and playback also captures mouse movement and keyboard input.
  • This tool provides the option of generating a test report to show where the application went right and wrong in its design.
  • QTP has an easy to maintain framework and is also easy to navigate and use unlike other tools.
  • Multiple add-ins are supported such as Java, Oracle, SAP, NET, and etc…

Disadvantages of QTP

  • Unfortunately, for those that love Apple products, QTP only works on Windows operating systems.
  • QTP is a commercial tool which requires a license and the cost to acquire that license is expensive.
  • Execution time is higher with this tool as it uses tons of RAM and CPU power; however, scripting time is faster.
  • It may take some time getting your system ready for QTP testing as patches must be released. The tester’s browser also may not be supported as not all browser versions are.

QTP software testing tool is owned by HP which means they (and their forums) are responsible for technical support. This could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your opinion of HP. Quick Test Professional is one of the many testing tools on the market and, while it can be used in various tests, is used most commonly with regression testing. It is easy to use, learn, and offers results most tools do not offer. If you can look past the price tag and few disadvantages, this tool could be the solution to your testing needs.


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