Automation Testing Tool-Testim

Testim is an automation testing platform that gives you easy solutions to build tests, run them and report bugs.

When you build your test case you can drill down that analyze several parameters for each element, weighing reliability and ranking them accordingly.


Automation testing tool-Testim gives you 3 ways to automate your tests so you have the ability to test faster:

  1. You can create tests in minutes by using the mobile application that remembers your previous steps.
  2. You can create tests by using code or by recording. You can also combine the two. Reference elements on app can be used on you code.


3. Testim gives you the option to reuse previous scenario for other tests you run.


Automation testing tool-Testim is data driven, meaning that you can run your tests with different sets of data.  For example, you can run your tests with full customization capabilities like Browser, OS, Starting URL and more.

The Testim system is great for Agile processes, that way you can figure out if something is wrong with your test while doing it and fixing it in the process or get feedback while you code.


Testim gives you screenshots of the results of your test, that way it’s easier to understand what and where it went wrong.  Additionally, Testim let you save HTML DOM in the test cases you failed so you can reach the places you need to debug faster.



Testim has provides a Selenium grid as a service – you can create your test and run it on Chrome or Firefox, also you have the ability to test it on any resolution you need.

Automation testing tool-Testim gives you features to help you with few more things:

  • Quick markups to understand what went wrong to see straight from your browser. Screenshots and simple annotations that you can add yourself and then share with and explain to your team or managers.


  • You can publish your bugs as you work directly to your Jira project or any other tracker you work with. With this bug publisher you get details on what went wrong, device and OS.
  • Developers and QA can communicate clearly and quickly and much more efficiently by clicking the bug automated test that will automatically reproduce in the browser.
  • Once the bug is fixed the developer can add it to regression test suit to make sure everything works well.

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