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In a world where technology constantly changes and evolves and new software is developed every day you need to have a “Responsible Adult” that protects and understands the actual needs of our users, someone that is checking we are not only doing the things right, but we are also doing the right things; this is the job of  Software Testers.

Software Testing Tools Portal is here to give you, the QA professional, a home where you will find all the relevant information you will need to enhance your everyday testing job!

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“Who knows Bugs better than bugs???”

A short video from Atlassian that testers would love!


There is always the need to learn new things and to get updated on the latest trends and developments, to read interesting comparisons between the different tools, and to be up to date on the methodologies currently driving and defining the world of testing…

Software Testing Tools is here to help you with any question you may have about testing in general and testing tools in particular.  Here you can find articles about different testing methods and recommended tools, best practices, news and developments in the field.

You can contact us with questions, submit articles to help others in your expertise, comment on any article and let us know what you think

We hope you find this site useful.

If you have any comments, please free to contact us

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