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Testing Talk Interview Series –

Testim is a web testing SaaS platform that is designed to significantly accelerate product development cycles by providing unmatched reliability, fast execution & powerful interface. 1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself – two interesting things that people don’t know about you? My name is Oren Rubin. I am the CEO & Founder…

Testing Talk Interview

test IO specializes in Continuous Testing in an agile development process. This form of software testing combines automated and human testing. With its test management system – offered as a 100% Software-as-a-Service – test IO provides support across the entire development process of a project. Please tell us about yourself. What are two interesting things…

How Software Quality Engineering Can Help Airlines Stay Successful

Delta Air Lines, a major American airline, ended up cancelling and delaying nearly half of all its flights. Initially broadcasted as a power outage that led to a computer meltdown, the incident occurred in the wee hours of Monday. Meanwhile, Delta’s flight-status updates were also not working, compounding problems for passengers. Many would have remained…

A collection of recommended weekly reading about testing.

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