Automating Storify and Twitter Using JavaScript From the Dev Tools

TLDR; Migrating from Storify to Twitter, semi automatically with a simple JavaScript Snippet and Bookmarklet.

In this post I provide the code for my video showing how I migrated from Storify to Twitter Moments.

First investigate Twitter

First investigate Twitter GUI and manually migrate a link from Storify to Twitter.

Use Dev Tools to “Inspect” and find the CSS selectors for the fields I want to manipulate.

  • Input Field ".MomentMakerAddItemForm-input"
  • Button '.MomentMakerAddItemForm-button'

Check that I can use code from the Dev Tools to Type into a field


Check that I can click the button.


Next Investigate Storify

Can I find the details I want in the Storify GUI?

Each Item in the story is:


And I can get the URL from the attribute: 'data-permalink'

Write some code to output the URLs to the console as a Proof Of Concept:

$('li[data-source="twitter"]').each(function( value )
{ console.log(this.getAttribute('data-permalink'));});

Expand this so that it outputs the code I can copy and paste into the Twitter console.

var outputStringForPastingIntoTwitter = "";
$('li[data-source="twitter"]').each(function( index ) {
outputStringForPastingIntoTwitter = outputStringForPastingIntoTwitter +
"$('.MomentMakerAddItemForm-input').val('" +
this.getAttribute('data-permalink') +
"');n" +

I can also wrap this into a Bookmarklet using My BookMarklet Creation tool also on Github
storify migrator

And here is the video showing you how I did it.

Source: EvilTester
Automating Storify and Twitter Using JavaScript From the Dev Tools

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