Tags: software testing

How to use your testing skills to bag a SNES Classic Mini Pre-Order

TLDR; Identify Oracles, automate observation of changes, understand GUI/Mobile differences, harness tool support. At the moment Nintendo have initiated a voluntary viral distributed denial of service attack which hits retailers on demand. Every time a retailer announces pre-order availability of a SNES Mini Classic they are hit by 1000s (100,000s?) of people simultaneously trying to…

Can Continuous Delivery help you Test Software Faster, Better, and Cheaper?

The recent report by Gartner on ‘Choosing the Right Tools for Your DevOps Toolchain’ was quite an eye-opener for enterprises on the DevOps front. Importantly, the report estimates that ‘By 2020, 20% of enterprises will adopt a standard set of tools across their DevOps practices, up from less than 5% in 2017.’ Continuous Delivery (CD)…

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