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The Most Important Factors and Need of Usability Testing

A recent Gartner for Marketers report 2017 states that Marketing leaders are now accustomed to changes involving how brands engage with customers. However, by 2020, five technology shifts will catalyze transitions in both marketing strategies and organizations. Implementation of new technologies will require proper authentication and testing. Usability testing will play a key role as…

Use your malevolent powers for good

TLDR; I can fool myself into comfortable complacency about code when programming. I can use testing to banish this false glamor. “Why might we be villainous? First, because we can be… that’s a big deal…” Thus spoke Jordan Peterson in this Maps of Meaning Lecture: youtu.be/I8Xc2_FtpHI?t=1h54m16s One of the reasons for adopting a testing role…

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